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Do you have a lot of customers and the associated large amount of requests and different data? Do you want to communicate with your clients in the best possible way and, therefore, need to have an overview of each of them? The solution is the HELPDESK application which makes customer requests as clear as possible.

What does the Helpdesk app bring you?

Control is intuitive. The application is designed for all companies regardless of industry. If you are interested we can implement it into your environment on a turnkey basis.

  1. Processes will become more efficient and labor productivity will increase. This will reduce the cost of handling requests.
  2. You will communicate with your customers faster, reducing the response time to their requests.
  3. The application can be connected to any telephone exchange to use various telephony functions.

What can Helpdesk do?

  • Your customers can enter their requests by phone, e-mail or through a web interface. Thanks to this, even the customers who are out of the office may contact you.
  • Before you answer a call, the application will identify the calling customer and show you information about them.
  • Calls can be recorded and assigned to a specific request.
  • The system will automatically send an alarm from an external device and immediately report the problem.
  • This function is helpful if you provide, for example, technical support. You will receive high-quality reporting – in the application you will easily create a report as well as a graphic overview.
  • Automatic sending of e-mails, which informs the customers about the status of the solution, is also a practical feature.
  • The application also includes, of course, a detailed record of the entire communication including the option to include attachments, an automatic check of dates, sorting of requests according to selected criteria and an option to assign priorities.

Other useful functions

  • In the system, it is easy to set what information can be accessed by selected groups of users, e.g. internal employees, external employees, managers, customers, etc.
  • We offer you the possibility of integration with existing CRM and ERP software (XML, API, WEB Services, NET Remoting, etc.).
  • We will modify the design of the web interface according to your graphic rules. If necessary, you can select the multilingual version of the application.

Integration with existing CRM and ERP

  • XML
  • API
  • WEB Services
  • NET Remoting etc.
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